Our Treatment

A New Convenient Oral Alternative

The need to maintain glucose control for diabetes patients is very large. Current treatments are far from ideal, ranging from oral drugs and injections that enhance insulin sensitivity and output to injected insulin.

These therapeutic approaches are fraught with challenges to the patient and to the medical profession. A major problem with currently used drugs for diabetes is  that all of them have side effects, some very serious, which have led to restrictions in their use. Furthermore, those drugs are not fully effective and their efficacy wanes over time. This leads to the need of using combinations of two or more drugs to control diabetes. Some of the newer, more effective drugs are injectable, therefore inconvenient to administer and expensive to manufacture.

BioKier’s novel product will be an oral capsule, in the medical food class, and will restore gut hormone secretion in patients who need to manage their glucose better.

Based on the known properties of GLP-1 and its metabolites, our innovative approach promises to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system, would be expected to lower triglycerides, and also reduce weight.